CACA現代アート書作家協会 特別顧問 岡本光平

Another inspiration in Setouchi Triennale

Mandala of Pranja Paramita Hrdaya Sutra-The Heart Sutra

at Kouyama-temple

Kukai, known as the high priest who introduced Esoteric Buddhism to Japan in the early 9th Century, is an excellent calligrapher.
The exhibition and commentary talk covers Kulai’s calligraphy and Okamoto’s master pieces, i.e., the Heart Sutra and contemporary art drawn on a numerous number of sliding screens. The entire work was completed in 2015 and is now open to the public for the first time. It is a challenge to the reemergence of Kukai’s mysterious, merciful, and symbiotic world.

1765-1 Hirotacho, Zentsuji-city, Kagawa

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